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Bon Garcon

The Kooikerhondje

Cultivated over generations
by hands with a mallard’s best interest at heart
trained to undertake the unlikely chore
of keeping ducks in a row,
more or less,
tufted tails wave like hypnotizing metronomes
as the fowl are kept within bounds

So groomed and handsome these bird herders were,
in their pre-war heyday they caused not a stir
on their business rounds
until hunger came to town
then the guns of conflict
made duck-frightening sounds
and the only meat left to feed the kids
was the loyal four-legged buddy
licking at your fingers…

A bloodline endangered
finds cold comfort in peacetime,
all the cousins and brothers and sisters and aunts devoured,
a dozen and four left to shepherd Netherland’s duck flock,
their plight ended in singular style
as those once eaten
dine at table, on silver platter

And now a new century
brings dog and duck together again
in the happy pursuit of destiny,
and these quacks and barks
flow together like a song

   NOLA - 3/8/2013

Barbara and I are planning on converting our former Pine Ridge Orchids greenhouses into dog training facilities. Our first project will be in our East House which is 24.5' X 70' (1715 sq'). My ideas are to replace the polycarbonate roof with sheet steel, remove the stationary benching and on-bench irrigation along with the bench legs, relocate overhead the Delta-T hydronic heating tubes up to the greenhouse trusses, remove the pea rock and pour a flat & level concrete floor, and lay a rubber pad for the doggie dogs. We will be keeping the exhaust fans and wet pads for those hot south Florida training days.

Our idea is to eventually rent the facility out to professional dog trainers, dog training organizations, and possibly LE when the conversion is all done and we have obtained equipment for agility, rally, and maybe barn hunting and flyball training. Who knows?

The process after that is to convert the Main Greenhouse in the same manner. The Main Greenhouse is 216' X 120' plus a 30' X 72' section for 28,080 sq'.

Here is a link to "The 7 Keys To A Healthy Show Coat" - Thanks to Trish Panzarella of Isle Of Dogs for this informative paper on how to properly shampoo your dogs.

If anyone is interested, I'm offering our galvanized expanded metal stationary and rolling benches for free in exchange for removal of the benches. Plese contact us.

As things progress, I'll modify this site and add photos, videos we have taken with the auto-tracking SoloShot camera when we have received it, and comments.

Also - please read a couple of newsletters I've posted under PRESS on our HOME PAGE all about Kooikers. The 5/15/2012 issue of Kooiker Talk by the Kooikerhondje Society of America and the 12/2015 issue of Kooiker Chronicles by the Kooikerhondje Club of The United States of America (KCUSA). Both issues have mention of Terry & Barbara along with interesting information on the breed.

Thank you -- Terry & Barbara - along with puppy, Hsiao Gou, and Woller. We will be sending blood samples of Woller to The Netherlands for genetic testing to see if we can breed him.




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