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The Field
The FieldWelcome to the Pine Ridge Orchids section highlighting our 5 acre field grown palms and bamboo called “The Field”. Purchasing 5 acres provided a guaranteed buffer zone for our endangered Pine Rockland ecosystem to the east. We drilled approximately 7,000 30” – 36” diameter holes in the extremely hard oolitic limestone ground for planting palms and bamboo directly in the ground instead of placing the trees in containers. We are striving to produce very strong large trees for commercial and residential installations. After many years, the trees are gradually root pruned and carefully removed from the ground. “The Field’s” purpose is to grow some very rare palm species and to grow these plants larger and taller than what is customarily available in the current market.

The FieldWe also specialize in the rare tropical clumping white and black bamboos. The bamboos at this stage in 2008 are approximately 4’ – 6’ diameter clumps ranging from 25’ to 35’ tall.

We are not Certified for California shipping because the plants are grown directly in the ground.

To view samples of what the field has to offer, choose from the types of trees listed in the menu on the left. Please contact us for availability and plant sizes.

Thank You --- Terry and Barbara Glancy




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