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Multi-floral Paphiopedilum
Paph. Bianca
Paph. Cardinal Bernard Law 'PR'
Cardinal Bernard Law 'Pine Ridge'
Paph. Delrosi 'TOP CHoice' AM/AOS
Delrosi 'T.O.P. Choice' AM/AOS
Paph. Dollgoldi 'Pine Ridge' AM/AOS
Dollgoldi 'Pine Ridge' AM/AOS
Paph. Lyro Blackhawk 'PR 35'
Lyro Blackhawk 'Pine Ridge 35'
Paph. Lyro Willem 'PR 5'
Lyro Williem 'Pine Ridge 5'
Paph. Mem. Peter Glancy 'Pine Ridge II' AM/AOS

Memoria Peter Glancy

'Pine Ridge II' AM/.AOS

Paph. Michael Koopowitz

Michael Koopowitz


Paph. Naiuve Saint 'TOP Prize'

Naive Saint 'T.O.P. Prize'


Paph. Prince Edward of York 'PR 73'

Prince Edward of York

'Pine Ridge 73'

Paph. St. Swithin 'Matt Snow' AM/AOS

St. Swithin 'Matt Snow' AM/AOS


Paph. Woluwense



coming soon

(more photos coming)

Christopher E. Glancy

coming soon

(more photos coming)

Plants pictured may be photos of awarded plants. Paphs cannot be cloned, so I am using these photos to show plants that my customers or I have bloomed out from the same seedlings on our benches.


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