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Art Shade Phalaenopsis
(Brother Delight X Brother Spots Way) 'Pine Ridge'

Brother Sandra

'Splash' HCC/AOS

Confetti Burst 'Pine Ridge 4'

Eliza Lucas 'Pine Ridge'


Ever Spring Prince 'Orchis'


Ever Spring Prince

'Sun Moon' AM/AOS

Happy King 'Pine Ridge' HCC/AOS


Ho's Exotic Twist

'Pine Ridge 2'

Ho's Exotic Twist 'Pine Ridge'


I-Hsin Gold Coast 'Pine Ridge'
Jeweler's Art 'Pine Ridge'
(Joan Didion Dunne X Buddy's Day) 'Pine Ridge'
Joey Spell 'Pine Ridge'
(sold out)  
Ombre Rose 'PR 6'

Ombre Rose

'Pine Ridge 6'

empty photo
photos coming

This page shows some of my clones of the Art Shade style of breeding. This is one of the most important styles of breeding that I like to do or purchase because the seedling hybrids will have so much diversity. As the seedlings bloom out, I can then pick out ones that I believe will be the most unusual and unique for cloning. If the cloning process goes well, I will start to receive back clones within 3 or 4 years and then I can off the superior plants at wholesale prices. Thank You --- Terry


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