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Habitat Research
These documents have been provided to show the years of work and dedication we have put into the restoration and maintenance of this globally and critically endangered ecosystem. The work and its rewards are ongoing. We want to thank the Florida Division of Forestry, Fairchild Tropical Gardens (Connect to Protect Program), The Nature Conservancy, The Pine Rockland Working Group, US Fish and Wildlife, the Miami-Dade Department of Environmental Research Management (DERM), The Florida Native Plant Society including our Miami-Dade Chapter, The Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC), The University of Florida, and the many scientists and technicians we have been working with throughout the years.
  • PINE RIDGE SANCTUARY PLANT LIST - emended 1/14/2019 (pdf)
  • Pine Ridge Sanctuary Animal List - emended 6/2012 (pdf)
  • Pine Ridge Sanctuary Butterfly & Moth Survey - emended 9/5/2014 (pdf)
  • South Florida Butterflies & Habitats - a pdf paper by the Imperiled Butterfly Conservation & Management (IBCM) led by the University of Florida's FL Museum of Natural History's McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, the Butterfly Conservation Initiative along with the Chicago Academy of Science's Peggy Notebart Nature Museum, Portland's Oregon Zoo, the Toledo Zoo, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and the Univ of Florida's IFAS Department of Entomology and Naemtology.
  • PINE RIDGE SANCTUARY RESTORATION LOG - emended 12/28/2018 (Excel spread sheet) - 1976 through 1/1/2019.
  • Pine Ridge Sanctuary Restoration Log - 1976 - 2011 (pdf file printable as a long scroll)
  • Miami Herald article - 12/21/2008 - Forest Stewardship recertification of Pine Ridge Sanctuary (jpg) - p1
  • Miami Herald article - 12/21/2008 - Forest Stewardship recertification of Pine Ridge Sanctuary (jpg) - p2
  • Forest Stewardship Managemant Plan - 10/2008 - (pdf)
  • Pine Ridge Sanctuary presentation - FIU - 4/2009 - (31 MB .ppt file) - a PowerPoint presentation by Carolina Berget, Diana Lopez, and Wayne Worthley for a research project on our Pine Ridge Sanctuary for their EVR 5320 class at Florida International University.. Click on the red heading to Open the PowerPoint presentation, then click on View / Slide Show to see the presentation. Hit Esc on your keyboard to exit the slide show.
  • Pine Ridge Sanctuary presentation - FIU - 4/2009 - (pdf) - this is a .pdf file of the Word document that goes with the PowerPoint presentation by Carolina Berget, Diana Lopez, and Wayne Worthley.
  • Pine Rockland Composition - 7/2010 - a film by Jennifer Brown featuring Pine Ridge Sanctuary
    This is a 30 minute film (212 MB file m4v) made by Jennifer Brown as part of her MFA in Science And Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University. It has taken Jennifer 2 years to produce this film all about the endangered Pine Rockland ecosystem and the way it interacts with residents and researchers in South Florida. The movie can be viewed using iTunes or QuickTime Player. This is a large file and may require some time to download on your computer depending upon the browser you use - Opera starts to run almost immediately, but IE requires some extra time.
  • Unexploited Pine Rocklands of South Andros video - Ecostudies Institute - 6/7/2010 - (68.4 MB Flash .swf file) - this is a very informative video (can be viewed using RealPlayer) made by John Lloyd and Gary Slater of the Mount Vernon, WA based Ecostudies Institute when they were surveying South Andros in 4/2010. Ecostudies Institute is a non-profit scientific organization whose mission is to improve the understanding of ecological systems and promote conservation, management, and restoration to protect and maintain native biodiversity. The South Andros Pine Rocklands that have not been rock plowed or harvested are probably the closest ecosystem to Pine Ridge Sanctuary except it has a different Pinus species.
  • Pinus elliottii - Index of Species Information - USDA Forest Service Fire Effects Information System - (.pdf file) - this is a very informative paper by the USDA Forest Service outlining the species and fire effect characteristics of both species of Pinus elliottii that occur in Florida - Pinus elliottii var. elliottii up north and our Pinus elliottii var. densa here in South Florida.
  • A Field Guide For The Identification of Invasive Plants In Southern Forests - 2012 - this is a very helpful guide for identifying exotics in Southern Forests by the US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service - Southern Research Station. Color pictures and descriptions.
  • An Upclose Look At South Florida's Disappearing Pine Rocklands -2017 article by Roger Hammer.





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