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1976 perimeter

property edge in 1976


1979 perimeter
1979 - Australian pines being herbicided
1980 perimeter
1980 - larger exotic trees being killed off using herbicides
1982 prescribed burn
1982 prescribed burn
1989 understory
1989 pineland understory
1989 understory
1989 pineland understory

We purchased our property in 1976 while still living up in Detroit where we owned and operated Grosse Pointe Botanical Gardens. Barbara and I would travel down to Florida 2 to 4 times yearly to load up tractor trailers with tropical plants to sell in our store. During these trips, we would take some time to do some selective herbicide work to try to clear the largest of the exotic pest plants off of the pineland. Our first prescribed burn was in 2/1979 as a training excercise for the Florida Division of Forestry. This is the first time our pineland had been burned in well over 50 years - the resulting smoke could be seen all the way down to Marathon in the Keyes and throughout Miami. This burn clearly showed us that there is no alternative to prescribed burning to maintain a fire climax plant community.


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