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1943 Davis vegetation map

Davis South Florida vegetation map 1943

Davis vegetation map - closeup
Pine Rockland 1943 Davis vegetation map - closeup
original Pine Rockland distribution

original Miami Pine Rockland


1967 FL vegetation map

1967 Florida vegetation map


1937 aerial
1937 - Pine Ridge Sanctuary aerial closeup 
Pine Rockland fragmentation map

1996 Pine Rockland fragmentation

1950 aerial
1950 - Pine Ridge Sanctuary aerial closeup
1990 aerial
1990 - Pine Ridge Sanctuary acreage aerial closeup
forest Stewardship pine tree plots

Forest Stewardship

pine tree plots 9/24/2008

2007 aerial

2007 - Pine Ridge Sanctuary aerial sectional map


2007 aerial

2007 - Pine Ridge Sanctuary

aerial sectional map with

our property outlined

empty photo

more photos coming



I will update photos in this Section as I can obtain more maps and aerial photos. I'm trying to provide a research page that allows you to view the century long destruction of one of the most globally endangered ecosystems - the Miami Pine Rockland.


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