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Shipping and Packing

SHIPPING UPDATE ---USPS Priority is NOT RELIABLE. Shipments that used to take 3 days for out-of-State addresses is now taking 7 - 11 days or more and in-State USPS Priority shipments used to take 1 day and it is NOW taking over 3 - over 10 days. There is NO TRACKING that appears on their website even though Signature Confirmation which is an added cost used to display some tracking information. There is no excuse for this!! FedEx claims guaranteed delivery PLUS full tracking --- we are now recommending FedEx but we will ship according to our customer's wishes. We have been using FedEx Home Delivery but the shipement must be made to a residence and we have to drop off the box at FedEx because they do not pick up same day.

We would like to take the opportunity of explaining our policy on packing and shipping orders.

Barbara and I have been packing and unpacking boxes for over 40 years and we have had the best and the worst of experiences. I have packed and shipped orchids and other plants myself since we incorporated Pine Ridge Orchids over 20 years ago.

A tremendous amount of effort, time, and expense goes into packing each plant with the utmost care to protect the plant, the foliage, the inflorescences, and the flower buds as much as possible against the extremes of shipping.

We must have all CREDIT CARD INFORMATION (#, exp date, and the CVV/CVN security code numbers, phone #, full billing address, and shipping address) must be received for us to pack and have the shipment ready by 12:00 noon.

I have to pass on any credit card transaction fees since any possible tax, packing, and freight are all at my cost.

We prefer to SHIP ON Mondays or Tuesdays - I do not want to take the chance that the shipment may sit over the weekend.

Waterproof polystyrene batting
Plastic sleeves with shredded paper
packing the box
Delivering the box to the Post Office or FedEx

We do charge for materials and expenses for packing and delivering the boxes to the Post Office or FedEx.

An order consists of the COST OF THE PLANTS PLUS :

+ $1.00 per plant for packing / $1.50 for bare rooting.
+ $8.00 for the box & packing materials.
+ $6.00 fee for delivering the box to be shipped.
+ Actual shipping cost including Insurance and Signature Confirmation.

+ Credit card transaction fee if a cc is used.

** COLD WEATHER SHIPPING OPTION - we offer a larger 72 hour heat pack instead of the normal 40 hour heat pack for an additional $2. The $2 is our cost on the larger heat pack.

$1.00 per plant for packing: After the order has been placed and the plants have been selected for shipping, I tape a layer of waterproof polystyrene batting on top of the potting media to prevent the media from falling out of the container and to protect the foliage. Every plant is individual in size and shape – if the plants are in spike or in bud or if the plants have very large foliage, they will require much larger boxing; Catasetinae require bamboo stakes to be inserted into the pot to ensure that pseudobulbs are not broken. The plants are sleeved with breathable plastic sleeves with shredded paper to protect the foliage or they are wrapped in multiple layers of newspaper if sent bare root with the roots and pot label inside a baggie cushioned with shredded paper).

$8.00 for the box & packing materials: Years of experience and feedback have refined my packing techniques. I use a LOT of packing tape and packing materials to protect the plants against the extremes of shipping. I have found it is much more effective using a lot of the heaviest duty PVC packing tape than allowing the plants to move around inside the box --- Styrofoam peanuts alone are not enough to prevent damage. Every box contains a sachet of ethylene eaters. We can ship throughout the US all year by utilizing heat packs during the colder months (optional larger 72 hour heat pack available for $2.00). It takes hours to pack (and unpack) the boxes correctly. The $8.00 charge covers my costs on the box and materials used in packing.

$6.00 fee for delivering the box to be shipped: We deliver the boxes to the Post Office or FedEx ourselves. We will not rely upon pickup because the boxes will be stuck on the hot or cold truck while the driver makes the rest of his pickups – if we call for a pickup, the carrier does not just come out to pickup and drop off our boxes. I have seen and felt boxes of plants that have been sitting on the hot floor of a delivery truck with the floor superheated by the truck’s exhaust system. We often spend 1.5 – 2 hours driving, dropping off a box, and standing in line at the Post Office or FedEx.

Shipping costs --- I cannot estimate how much the actual postage or freight costs will be – there are too many variables. We charge our customer what the Post Office or FedEx charges us. Every shipment contains different amounts of plants in different sized boxes. We do NOT overestimate the shipping costs.

Postal receipt

Shipping costs are determined by the Post Office or FedEx --- they measure and weigh the box. I have used the USPS website to estimate postage and many times the website is more than $15 - $20 higher than what we were actually charged.

For USPS Priority, we also purchase Insurance and Signature Confirmation (which requires a signature when the box is delivered). I have been trying the slightly cheaper Delivery Confirmation, but the Post Office's minimal on-line tracking capability does not work as well with this service even though it saves the customer $2 or so. The Post Office requires a signature on any shipment valued over $200 regardless..Again, we just charge our customers what the Post Office or FedEx charges us for these services.

Large heavy boxes cost a lot of money to ship --- we have no control over that coxt. Many times the shipping costs may be 30% or more of the cost of the order.Shipping the Catasetinae can be expensive because the foliage is so large and takes up a lot of the length of the box. Shipping multiple plants in a larger box actually costs less per plant than shipping one or two plants. As you hopefully can see, we have nothing to do with these costs.

WESTERN UNION payments - we accept Western Union as payment. To send money by Western Union ( ) locate your local Western Union store and make the payment to the order of Barbara C. Glancy and have the payment sent to -- Publix Oasis #1136, 2950 NE 8th Street, Homestead, FL 33033 - ph (305) 242-2679. Our regular packing charges apply for bare rooting and boxing. Please call or email us with the MCTN number on your receipt for tracking. Once we receive the payment, your order will be processed and shipped.

Customer accepts responsibility for tracking and retrieving live orchid plant shipments from their mailbox or delivery point and unpacking in a timely fashion once delived by carrier.

SHIPMENTS TO ARIZONA + HAWAII - AZ and HI require ALL plants to be sprayed for citrus scale and then requires a Florida Phytosanitary Certificate and inspection be purchased. This will cost an additional $100 - $125 for the order PLUS at least a one - two week delay. Generally we will not take the time or expense to ship to Arizona or Hawaii.

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